Wednesday, December 21, 2011

35 reasons why I love Cashcrate!

1. Cashcrate is a legit get paid to site
2. It's free to sign up and to earn money from
3. It's easy and simple to earn money
4. New offers are added on a daily basics
5. You are never asked to give out your personal information
6. You get $0.03 for just checking in daily
7. You can meet new people on the forums
8. You get the chance to promote your referral link through your blog or whatever you want and earn even more money
9. I like the layout and I love the colors.
10. On Cashcrate it's easy to see how much you have already earned
11. It’s very easy to see new offers or trials that have been added
12. The administrators are friendly and always respond to your questions within 24-48 hours
13. You can earn money from just watching videos
14. There are great contests monthly
15. There are coupon and bonus codes through cratey on Twitter
16. The offers don’t take long to complete;10 minutes tops
17. You can have the choice to get your money through check or Paypal and then when you reach a certain amount of referrals you can choose direct deposit.
18. Your check comes on time
19. The offers are interesting and fun to complete
20. You can also earn points and get gift cards and other cool prizes
21. You can play games for points and cash
22. You can shop and earn money for it too
23. There is plenty of information about Cashcrate on the site and on the internet
24. You can do this in your free time and your account never expires
25. The money you have earned never expires either
26. The name is simple and easy to remember
27. Cashcrate tells you how much more money you need to earn to get your check
28. You can easily view the offers that have confirmed for you (under my earnings)
29. Your never alone on Cashcrate there are so many people there to help you. The administrators and other members on the forum boards are very helpful. You can also ask your referrer for help too
30. On special days such as holidays you get 10% more on offers.
31. You can make as much money as you want to
32. Only have to reach $20 to make payout and get your check
33. You can complete new daily surveys everyday
34. You can easily see how much money you will earn before you complete an offer because it’s right next to it
35. You can kill plenty of time on here and earn cash, great for rainy boring days
So what are you waiting for? Click Cashcrate and sign up! Happy Earning!

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